2020 The Year Of The People!

2020 The Year Of The People Building upon the “Blue Wave” during the 2018 United States mid-term elections, Progressives all around the country will continue to stand up to the corruption that’s infected our government and Representatives. With the #GreenNewDeal

Impeachment For Inciting Violence?

impeachment for inciting violence? It's my opinion that Donald Trump should be #Impeached for continuing to call @CNN "#FakeNews", just on that alone, never mind every other thing he's done. It seems to me that, he's is convincing very unstable…

Storm Front Of Fresh Air Moving Through DC

storm front of fresh air moving through dc I'd like to start this post with what I think perfectly sums up the effect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez‏ is having in Washington, DC.This woman is going to change the course of politics, just by…

Elizabeth Warren’s petition demanding common-sense gun reform

I just signed Elizabeth Warren's petition demanding common-sense gun reform. Will you join us? 

Retired astronaut Mark Kelly running for U.S. Senate as Democrat to take on McSally

Retired astronaut Mark Kelly running for U.S. Senate as a Democrat to take on McSally As reported by the Arizona Republic, former Astronaut, who spent a year in orbit above the Earth, and Navy combat veteran Mark Kelly, the husband…

The Young Turks Expand Main Show

The Young Turks Expand Their Main Show Beginning today, the TYT Network, Home of Progressives, are adding an additional hour to their flagship show, The Young Turks. The announcement includes a new segment, "The Conversation" and also coincides with the network's…

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