U.S. kills top Iranian commander

This world we live in is why I have questioned the idea of God since I was a child. Tears immediately began to well up in my eyes upon reading the caption under the link, “U.S. kills top Iranian commander.” As a 50yr-old man, I fear for the lives of my children’s children. #peace

US officials misled the public about the Afghanistan war

This is why we can’t have nice things.
#MedicareForAll? Too expensive.
#CollegeForAll? Too expensive.
#LivingWage? Too expensive.
#Peace? lol You socialist, are you trying to bankrupt us?
US officials misled the public about the Afghanistan war, across 3 administrations and yet incumbents and the MSM is still dumbfounded as to how so many Americans voted an idiot into the office.

Wanting to leave your mark on history is too not understand the future.

If our species is to survive millions of years into the future, at some point, everything gets lost to history and, eventually, we’ll have to come together in the pursuit of common goals, for the common good, to move us forward. When the basic needs of everyone are assured, healthcare, education, housing, etc it will free up the majority to better themselves, advancing us in the process.