Elizabeth Warren Won’t Win The 2020 Nomination

Elizabeth Warren recently added breaking up the tech giants Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, etc, to her 2020 presidential campaign bid. In my opinion, she just ruined any hopes of winning the Democratic nomination. Don’t get me wrong, I’m with Elizabeth on most issues and she may very well be right but, even if she is, it’s just not one of the most pressing issues facing everyday Americans.

Not only would it take up huge amounts of resources, but the time involved would also be immense, to say the least. Certainly, the courts would get involved. And, on top of that, they’re all, for the most part, very well liked companies and or services.

I feel her recent announcement will follow and haunt her in the remainder of her campaign. I just think she undervalued their popularity with people and it won’t get any traction. On the bright side, she will be a powerful and effective Progressive voice in the Senate, with another Progressive in the White House.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is calling for the breakup of tech giants such as Amazon, Google and Facebook. "You can be an umpire or you can own a team, but you can't do both at the same time," the Democratic presidential candidate tells CNN. https://t.co/FJF9q8tM3I pic.twitter.com/x2b3N8xRya

— CNN (@CNN) March 9, 2019