The Movie Brazil (1985) And What It Got Right

#ThursdayThoughts While watching The Young Turks segment today regarding the treatment of workers at Amazon, I was reminded of the movie classic, Brazil (1985), directed and co-written by Terry Gilliam. The film centers on Sam Lowry, a man trying to find a woman who appears in his dreams while he is working in a mind-numbingContinue reading “The Movie Brazil (1985) And What It Got Right”

The U.S. Healthcare Cost Crisis

The cost of healthcare services in the U.S. is affecting Americans’ financial health in multiple ways: Forty-five percent of Americans fear bankruptcy should a major health event strike. Americans have collectively borrowed an estimated $88 billion in the last year to cover healthcare costs. 2.7 million Americans have borrowed at least $10,000 to pay forContinue reading “The U.S. Healthcare Cost Crisis”