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Fire People

My thoughts concerning the negative impacts fireworks can have on some of our fellow human beings. Every year we see the posts and stories of how fireworks can trigger PTSD symptoms in our veterans and, I empathize. The answer’s not a ban on fireworks but, just as unlikely of a solution, the ending of our senseless and often “preemptive” military actions, wars.
I can imagine a time in our future history when fireworks displays are actually for the celebration of ended hostilities. I have no illusions of this happening within my lifetime. But, if “we’re” going to thrive into the future for the thousands of generations yet to follow, it is necessary.
From sticks and stones to arrows and bullets, to Earth-shattering bombs it’s nothing short of a miracle that we’ve made it this far. However, moving forward we’re going to need something far more potent than miracles, it’s going to take human determination.

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Debt Of Gratitude

I owe @BernieSanders a debt of gratitude (or maybe a kick in the nuts) for making me believe that real change is possible. Before the 2016 election I, like a lot of people had been trained to think that, It is what it is & we’re powerless to change it.

He’s done more to change our country & the Democratic Party for the better than nearly all other politicians combined. All that aside, he is not the only Progressive & I feel that some folks are missing his message of #NotMeUs.

We are lucky to have both Bernie & @EWarren kicking ass leading up to the 2020 election. To all of those who are guilty of screeching, Only Bernie, do us all a favor & rethink your actions.

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Good Mourning

Upon waking this morning the 1st thing I hear on the news is “taps” playing for #DDay75. Tears immediately began flowing, not only for those who died 75yrs ago but, for all the soldiers who are still dying today & for what? We’ve allowed our politicians to twist one of our most basic instincts to protect, into something monstrous & disgusting. Knowing what we know now, we mustn’t allow it to continue. Though we may be many generations away from peace, we must start the process today.