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Fire People

My thoughts concerning the negative impacts fireworks can have on some of our fellow human beings. Every year we see the posts and stories of how fireworks can trigger PTSD symptoms in our veterans and, I empathize. The answer’s not a ban on fireworks but, just as unlikely of a solution, the ending of our senseless and often “preemptive” military actions, wars.
I can imagine a time in our future history when fireworks displays are actually for the celebration of ended hostilities. I have no illusions of this happening within my lifetime. But, if “we’re” going to thrive into the future for the thousands of generations yet to follow, it is necessary.
From sticks and stones to arrows and bullets, to Earth-shattering bombs it’s nothing short of a miracle that we’ve made it this far. However, moving forward we’re going to need something far more potent than miracles, it’s going to take human determination.

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What If…

If I theorize an outcome that comes to pass in say, 1000, 2000, 3000 years but, no one remembers or even knew I did, does it matter? That’s where I would like to start with a theory that began coalescing one night as I was going to bed. I put on a BBC documentary, as I do and it happened to be in regards to the multiverse theory. I’ve written things in the past posing the question, “What if we are the first technologically advanced species in the universe and if we are, doesn’t that make space exploration all the more important?”.
The longer our species survives into the future, the more likely it is that anything and everything we can imagine will come to pass. Settlements on the Moon, on Mars, a space station circling Jupiter, faster than light travel, traveling to other galaxies? None of it is impossible as long as we’re able to persist. The truth of the matter is, the only thing that can stop us is ourselves, well that and an asteroid strike or some other cosmic event.
[To Be Continued]

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The Problem With Humans

For millennia the greatest gift of human beings has been the unprecedented ability to seek, document, and disseminate knowledge over great distances. We’ve been able to take those ideas, thoughts, and beliefs and turn them into a reality which propelled us forward. That same gift, however, has also, at times, been twisted and used as our Achilles’ heel and wielded with devastating results. Using fear, lies, and superstitions to pit us against one another.
We’ve evolved from insignificant creatures hiding in trees and caves to become the most formidable species the Earth has ever seen. From farming to housing to science and protection, we’ve taken this world and bent it to our will. Not only have we been able to dominate nature and every other creature on the planet, but we’ve also managed to break free from our world in search of others.
In the 21st century, we’ve been able to take those same gifts and supercharge them, for better and for worse. Not only are we able to transfer knowledge regardless of language barriers, but, we’re able to do so at the speed of light. Now, the sheer volume of information itself can be used as a weapon. The use of information for nefarious purposes may not be a new or novel idea, but the number of people who can be reached is.