It's my opinion that Donald Trump should be #Impeached for continuing to call @CNN "#FakeNews", just on that alone, never mind every other thing he's done. It seems to me that, he's is convincing very unstable people to believe in conspiracies that he's created. It just boggles the mind that he's still our President.

Trump has yet another angry confrontation with CNN's Jim Acosta

The president called on Acosta at his press conference after announcing an 'emergency' declaration at the border Acosta asked him a lengthy question about immigrant 'invasion' He challenged Trump on statistics about immigrant crime Trump: 'Your question is a very political question because you have an agenda' The White House briefly yanked Acosta's credential after an earlier run-in President Donald Trump engaged in yet another bout of contentious back-and-forth with CNN correspondent Jim Acosta, who the president again dismissed as 'fake news' during a clash over immigration.

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